Floodplain Manager Certification

Floodplain Manager Certification: CFM Certification

What is a Floodplain Manager?
From www.floods.org:

The primary goal of the ASFPM Certified Floodplain Manager Program (CFM Program) is to help reduce the nation’s flood losses and protect and enhance the natural resources and functions of its floodplains by improving the knowledge and abilities of floodplain managers in the United States. This goal will be achieved over time by:

  • Encouraging self-study and attendance at training courses to pass testing to obtain certification · Requiring continuing education as a condition for renewal
  • Encouraging ASFPM chapters, state agencies, and state or regional associations to prepare tests for floodplain managers on specific knowledge of state and regional requirements and legislation
  • Ensuring that the CFMs have an awareness not only of the NFIP, but of comprehensive floodplain management

A second goal of the CFM Program is to increase the prominence of floodplain management in decision-making by local officials and the public. This goal will be achieved on a larger scale and over a longer time frame by:

  • Improving the recognition of floodplain management as a specific discipline
  • Increasing the status of floodplain managers as knowledgeable professionals in a complex and important field
  • Providing greater credibility and visibility for the profession
  • Increasing the educational and training opportunities for floodplain managers through partnerships with other organizations
  • Encouraging CFM’s to contribute to the profession of floodplain management for the betterment of the nation

For more information see www.floods.org.


CFM Eligibility

For more details about eligibility, please visit the ASFPM website (click here).


CFM Certification Exam

The next exams will be:


Wednesday, November 1, 2023
KI Convention Center, Green Bay, WI

Registration for the exam is handled directly through ASFPM. You must apply to ASFPM at least two weeks in advance to take the exam. Use the application and study materials provided by ASFPM (below) below to site for the exam. Submit CFM Exam related questions to cfm@floods.org or call 608‐828‐3000.

You must register in advance.

Application materials to sit for the CFM exam can be found at ASFPM’s website (click here).

You can also access the CFM Exam Study Guide (click here) information at the website.



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Application materials to sit for the CFM exam can be found at ASFPM’s website (click here).